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Name Position Phone
Bacewic, DarieneBacewic, Dariene Psychologist (574) 896-2128
Back, CristyBack, Cristy Special Needs Teacher (574) 896-2128 x447
Bolen, DebBolen, Deb 6th Grade (574) 896-2128 x443
Byrne, JenniferByrne, Jennifer 5th Grade (574)896-2128 x303
Christensen, EricaChristensen, Erica 2nd Grade (574) 896-2128 x424
Clemons, AmieClemons, Amie 1st Grade (574) 896-2128 x408
Durfey, KelseyDurfey, Kelsey 2nd Grade (574) 896-2128 x437
Elsea, ScottElsea, Scott 5th Grade (574) 896-2128 x446
Gappa, JoAnnGappa, JoAnn 6th Grade (574) 896-2128 x428
Garza, KathleenGarza, Kathleen Kindergarten (574)896-2128 x414
Geurnsey, GregGeurnsey, Greg Special Education Program Coordinator (574) 896-2128
Hall, LisaHall, Lisa Aide (574) 896-2128
Halvorson, JaneHalvorson, Jane 4th Grade (574) 896-2128 x439
Harper, KatrinaHarper, Katrina 4th Grade (574) 896-2128 x438
Harris, JonHarris, Jon Aid
Harris, ToniHarris, Toni 4th Grade (574)896-2128 x448
Heise, NatalieHeise, Natalie 3rd Grade (574)896-2128 x435
Hileman, ChristyHileman, Christy Speech Language Pathologist (574)896-2128 x418/429
Howard, LindaHoward, Linda Aide (574) 896-2128
Hughes, LisaHughes, Lisa 3rd Grade (574) 896-2128 x435
Ingram, ChrystalIngram, Chrystal Title 1 (574) 896-2128 x454
Kasten, KaraKasten, Kara Kindergarten (574)896-2128 x445
Kistler, AmandaKistler, Amanda Special Needs Teacher (574)896-2128 x440
Lippelt, SherryLippelt, Sherry 2nd Grade (574) 896-2128 x425
Lukac, MarilynLukac, Marilyn 1st Grade (574) 896-2128 x412
McGowen, AmberMcGowen, Amber Kindergarten (574)896-2128 x499
Norem, FaithNorem, Faith Title I (574) 896-2128 x454
Parish, TheresaParish, Theresa 5th Grade (574) 896-2128 x436
Radtke, MargaretRadtke, Margaret 3rd Grade (574) 896-2128 x451
Sanchez, TristanSanchez, Tristan Social Worker (574)896-2128 x461
Shear, BarryShear, Barry Psychologist (574) 896-2128 x455
Shepherd, KristyShepherd, Kristy Kindergarten (574) 896-2128 x414
Tripenfeldas, CarolTripenfeldas, Carol 1st Grade (574) 896-2128 x409
Willbanks, RobertWillbanks, Robert 6th Grade (574) 896-2128 x430

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