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Policy for Homeless Children

Chrystal Ingram
Liaison for Homeless Children

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(574) 896-2128 ext. 454

Flora Jones
Director of Student Pathways & Opportunities
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Charie Gibson
Homeless Education Specialist
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IDOE's McKinney-Vento: Homeless Children & Youth Program

Homeless Student's Rights

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State & Federal Resource Directories:
Indiana 211

Definition of Homeless Children
  • Children living in “doubled-up” accommodations, such as sharing housing with other families or individuals, are considered homeless if they are doubled-up because of loss of housing or economic hardship.
  • Children living in motels and hotels for lack of other suitable housing.
  • Children or youth who have run away from home and live in shelters, abandoned buildings, the streets, or other inadequate accommodations, even if their parents have provided and are willing to provide a home for them.
  • Throwaway children (i.e., those whose parents or guardians will not permit them to live at home) are considered homeless if they live on the streets, in shelters, abandoned buildings, or in other transitional or inadequate accommodations.
  • School-aged unwed mothers or expectant mothers living in homes for unwed mothers and have no other available living accommodations.
  • Children remaining in a hospital because they have been abandoned by their families and are homeless because they have no other place to live.
  • Migratory children, to the extent that they are staying in accommodations not fit for habitation. Migratory children should not be considered homeless simply because they are children of migratory families.
  • Children staying temporarily in trailer parks or camping areas because of inadequate living accommodations.
  • Children and youth awaiting placement in a foster home or a home for neglected children.
  • Children who are staying in emergency or domestic violence shelters or in transitional housing programs.

Source: 42 USC § 11434a

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