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Students who miss more than 10 days of any class are in danger of losing a credit. This applies only to days lists as A (Absent). Days, such as those verified with a doctor’s note are not included in this count.

Absences will eventually fall into one of three categories - Absent, Verified, or Unexcused.
  • ABSENT: These periods/days will count against the student. The maximum number of absences allowed for a student in a semester will be 9. On the 10th absence of the semester, the student’s credit can be removed.
  • VERIFIED: These periods/days will not count against the student and will not be factored into the potential loss of credit for an individual student.
  • UNEXCUSED: The student is truant from school.
In order to participate in any extra-curricular activity, the student must be present in five of his/her seven classes, unless the absence has been pre-approved by a member of the administration.
  • Parents/guardians of students will be notified of attendance problems in an appropriate time line.
  • A student who enters school with a history of poor attendance may be required to enter an attendance contract and/or probation status for current and/or future semesters.
  • North Judson-San Pierre High School may utilize any of the following interventions in an attempt to curtail excessive absence:
    • Parent Conference
    • After School Detention
    • The Court System
    • Attendance Contract
The school will notify the child and parent of these interventions.
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      North Judson-San Pierre School Corporation
      Dr. Annette Zupin, Superintendent
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      Jr./Sr. High School

      North Judson-San Pierre Jr./Sr. High School
      1 Bluejay Dr.
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      Voice: 574-896-2158
      Fax: 574-896-2060

      James Polite, Principal


      North Judson-San Pierre Elementary School
      809 West Talmer Ave.
      North Judson, IN 46366

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      Fax: 574-896-2129

      Cary McKay, Principal
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      Preparing Today's Youth for Tomorrow's Opportunities


      Building a foundation and fostering opportunities for growth, so students can graduate, college and career ready.


      Teaching students to be responsible, respectful, caring achievers through the Bluejay Way.

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